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Where to Store Luggage in Glasgow: Best Storage Options for Travelers


Glasgow, with its dynamic mix of modern life and rich history, offers both challenges and delights to visitors. Whether you're catching a show at the Royal Concert Hall or exploring the Riverside Museum, managing luggage can be a hassle. Fortunately, Glasgow offers a variety of luggage storage solutions to enhance your visit. This guide highlights the best options, including the standout service provided by Unbaggaged.

Top Luggage Storage Options in Glasgow

1. Unbaggaged – Pick Up, Store & Drop Off Luggage Service

  • Location: Anywhere in Glasgow

  • Features: Unbaggaged transforms the concept of luggage storage with their mobile service. They pick up your luggage from your location and return it to you wherever you are in the city, whenever you need it. This service is perfect for travelers who need the ultimate in convenience and flexibility.

2. Glasgow Central Station - Excess Baggage Company

  • Location: Glasgow Central Station

  • Nearby Attractions: Glasgow School of Art, Buchanan Street

  • Features: Conveniently located at Glasgow Central Station, the Excess Baggage Company offers secure storage for travelers passing through one of the city's main transport hubs. Ideal for those who need quick access to transportation or are just arriving.

3. City Centre Storage - Safe Store

  • Location: Fullarton Road, Glasgow

  • Features: Safe Store provides a variety of storage options from small lockers to larger rooms, catering to different needs. Located centrally, it’s a solid option for those spending time in the city center and needing to store their bags for longer periods.

4. Southside Convenience - Lockerbie Luggage Store

  • Location: Southside, near Queen’s Park

  • Features: A bit further afield but highly rated, Lockerbie Luggage Store offers a secure and budget-friendly solution for those visiting the south side of Glasgow. Ideal for travelers exploring Queen’s Park or attending events in the area.

5. West End Wonder - Glasgow West End Luggage

  • Location: Byres Road, Glasgow

  • Features: Situated in the bustling West End, this option is great for those visiting the Botanic Gardens or the University of Glasgow. They offer both short-term and long-term storage solutions in one of Glasgow’s most vibrant neighborhoods.


No matter where your adventures in Glasgow take you, these luggage storage options ensure that you can explore the city with ease and without the burden of heavy bags. Unbaggaged leads the pack with its innovative and flexible mobile service, ensuring you get the most out of your Glasgow visit.

Ready to Explore Glasgow Hands-Free?

Choose Unbaggaged for unparalleled convenience, or one of the other great options listed here, and discover all that Glasgow has to offer without the weight of your luggage!


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