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Manchester Luggage Storage: Convenient and Safe Spots for Your Bags

Manchester is a treasure trove of arts, culture, and history, offering visitors an array of experiences from bustling market streets to serene waterfront walks. For those eager to explore without the encumbrance of heavy luggage, finding a secure storage option is key. This guide highlights the best luggage storage options across Manchester, ensuring your visit is as hassle-free as possible.

Top Luggage Storage Options in Manchester

1. Unbaggaged – The Mobile Convenience

  • Location: Anywhere in Manchester

  • Features: Unbaggaged takes the concept of convenience to a new level. This service picks up your luggage from any location in Manchester and returns it to you wherever and whenever you need it. Ideal for travelers who need the flexibility to make the most of their time without returning to a fixed storage location.

2. Piccadilly Lockers – Near Manchester Piccadilly Station

  • Location: Manchester Piccadilly Station

  • Nearby Attractions: Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester Art Gallery

  • Features: Located at Manchester's main train station, Piccadilly Lockers offers travelers a secure and centrally located spot to store their bags. This is perfect for those making day trips out of the city or who arrive long before hotel check-in times.

3. NQ Storage - In the Heart of Northern Quarter

  • Location: Northern Quarter

  • Nearby Attractions: Afflecks, Band on the Wall

  • Features: Situated in Manchester’s trendy Northern Quarter, NQ Storage offers secure spots within easy reach of some of the city’s coolest spots for music, art, and shopping. This spot is great for visitors who are exploring the area's vibrant street art and indie shops.

4. Deansgate Safe Store – Close to Spinningfields

  • Location: Deansgate

  • Nearby Attractions: John Rylands Library, Spinningfields

  • Features: This facility on Deansgate is well-placed for tourists and business travelers alike. It provides various storage options, from small lockers to larger rooms, accommodating different needs and time spans.

5. Arndale Left Luggage – Near Manchester Arndale

  • Location: Close to Manchester Arndale

  • Nearby Attractions: Manchester Cathedral, Exchange Square

  • Features: Perfect for shoppers and visitors to the city center, Arndale Left Luggage offers a convenient location to drop off bags. Located just a short walk from major shopping areas and cultural sites, it’s a great spot for a day spent exploring the urban core.


Manchester's array of luggage storage options ensures that you can explore this dynamic city with ease and comfort. Whether you opt for the innovative and flexible service of Unbaggaged or choose a more traditional storage solution like Piccadilly Lockers, you'll be free to experience all that Manchester has to offer, unburdened and stress-free.

Ready to Explore Manchester Bag-Free?

Opt for convenience and security with these top luggage storage choices in Manchester. Unbaggaged’s unique mobile service lets you make the most of your visit without the hassle of heavy luggage. Enjoy Manchester to the fullest!


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