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Affiliate Case Study

Case Study: Glasgow Apartments & Unbaggaged

Glasgow Apartments, a leading accommodation choice in Glasgow, revolutionized their guest experience by partnering with Unbaggaged, introducing an innovative luggage handling service that not only elevated the convenience for guests but also generated an additional revenue stream for the apartments. Previously, guests grappled with the inconvenience of early arrivals or late departures, with no secure place for their luggage, which often dampened the overall experience.


The integration of Unbaggaged's service provided a seamless solution, allowing guests to roam freely without the burden of their bags, from the moment they arrived until their departure.

This strategic partnership proved to be a win-win, with Glasgow Apartments witnessing a substantial enhancement in guest satisfaction, as reflected in glowing testimonials praising the added convenience. Moreover, this service differentiation bolstered Glasgow Apartments' competitive edge in the hospitality market, attracting more guests seeking this level of service and care.


Financially, the initiative was equally successful, contributing an extra £500 per month to Glasgow Apartments' revenue, showcasing the potential of innovative services to create new profit avenues in the hospitality industry.

In conclusion, the Glasgow Apartments and Unbaggaged collaboration serves as a compelling case study for the hospitality sector, demonstrating how adopting innovative guest services can lead to improved customer experiences and significant revenue growth.


This partnership highlights Unbaggaged's commitment to transforming travel experiences through practical and convenient solutions, setting a benchmark for others in the industry.

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