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Unbaggaged vs. Stasher: Which Offers Superior Value in Edinburgh?

Exploring Edinburgh is a delight, but handling luggage can dampen the excitement. With services like Unbaggaged and Stasher offering different approaches to luggage storage, it’s essential to understand which one provides better value, especially when it comes to enhancing your travel experience. This blog post offers a detailed comparison, highlighting why Unbaggaged might be the superior choice for travelers prioritizing convenience and service.

Detailed Comparison

1. Convenience

  • Unbaggaged: Redefines convenience with a fully mobile service that picks up, stores, and delivers your luggage according to your schedule anywhere in Edinburgh. This bespoke service adapts to your itinerary, providing flexibility that is particularly beneficial if your plans are fluid or packed with activities.

  • Stasher: While Stasher offers several drop-off points, it requires travelers to visit designated locations to store their bags. This can interrupt your day’s plan, especially if the storage points are out of your way.

2. Security

  • Unbaggaged: Takes security to the next level with a personalized service where each piece of luggage is handled individually and securely. They offer comprehensive insurance coverage, ensuring peace of mind for all your items.

  • Stasher: Also provides insured storage; however, the security level depends on the specific partner location, which can vary in terms of safety and monitoring.

3. Cost

  • Unbaggaged: Offers a value-driven service considering the high level of convenience and security. The pricing is transparent and may be more cost-effective when you consider the time and effort saved, especially for those with tight schedules or valuable luggage.

  • Stasher: Charges per bag and can be economical for very short-term storage. However, for longer durations or multiple bags, costs can add up, and the lower convenience might not justify the savings.

4. Customer Satisfaction

  • Unbaggaged: Consistently receives outstanding reviews for its customer-centric approach. Clients appreciate the exceptional convenience and personalized attention, which significantly enhances the overall travel experience in Edinburgh.

  • Stasher: Generally well-reviewed, particularly for accessibility and basic service. However, some customers note the inconvenience of specific time windows and the variability in service depending on the location.

5. Accessibility

  • Unbaggaged: The pinnacle of accessibility, offering services that come to you. This eliminates any need for detours or adjustments to your travel plans, allowing you to maximize your time exploring Edinburgh.

  • Stasher: Requires physical drop-off and pick-up, which might not always align with your travel itinerary or location preferences, potentially complicating your schedule.


When it comes to choosing a luggage storage service in Edinburgh, Unbaggaged clearly stands out for travelers looking for unmatched convenience, security, and personal service. If your visit to Edinburgh is about maximizing your time and enjoying hassle-free experiences, Unbaggaged is undoubtedly the superior choice. Stasher, while a viable option for budget-conscious travelers or those with less complex needs, does not match the tailored, flexible service provided by Unbaggaged.

Ready to Experience Edinburgh Without the Baggage?

Opt for Unbaggaged for a premium, worry-free luggage service that lets you dive into the heart of Edinburgh with ease. Embrace the freedom to explore!


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