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Edinburgh, with its rich tapestry of history and vibrant cultural scene, invites travelers to explore its enchanting streets luggage-free. While international chains offer luggage storage, there's nothing like supporting local businesses that provide personalized service and genuine local charm. Here are the top five local luggage storage options near Edinburgh's major landmarks, with a special focus on Unbaggaged, a local innovator in mobile luggage solutions.

Top 5 Local Luggage Storage Locations in Edinburgh

1. Unbaggaged - Tailored Mobile Storage

  • Location: Wherever you need in Edinburgh

  • Nearby Landmarks: Custom service near any major landmark

  • Features: Unbaggaged stands out by offering a mobile service that picks up, stores, and returns your luggage anywhere in Edinburgh. Perfect for travelers who require flexibility and convenience, their service lets you explore places like the Royal Mile or Edinburgh Castle without being bogged down by heavy bags.

2. EdiStore - Near The Royal Mile

  • Location: Just off the Royal Mile

  • Nearby Landmarks: Edinburgh Castle, The Scotch Whisky Experience

  • Features: EdiStore is a locally-owned shop that provides secure luggage storage just a short walk from Edinburgh’s historic Royal Mile. Their friendly service and central location make it ideal for tourists wanting to wander through the area's historic sites.

3. Left luggage Edinburgh - Edinburgh Waverly Station

  • Location: Waverly Train Station

  • Nearby Landmarks: Edinburgh Castle, Museum of Edinburgh

  • Features: Operated by leftluggage edinburgh a private company who charge to hold storage at there one location, once dropped off you have to go back to pick up later unlike, Unbaggaged.

4. Lockerbox - Leith

  • Location: Leith Walk

  • Nearby Landmarks: The Royal Yacht Britannia, Ocean Terminal

  • Features: Lockerbox is a locally-operated facility offering secure electronic lockers for short-term storage. Located in the vibrant area of Leith, it's perfect for tourists planning to explore the trendy shops and waterfront without the encumbrance of luggage.

5. The Luggage Lounge - Near Haymarket

  • Location: Close to Haymarket Station

  • Nearby Landmarks: Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Murrayfield Stadium

  • Features: This cosy café offers more than just great coffee; they also provide luggage storage services. Enjoy a snack or a cup of Joe while your bags are safely stowed away, ready for you after your city adventures.


These top five local luggage storage locations offer not just a place to drop your bags but a slice of Edinburgh's local life. Whether you opt for the unparalleled convenience of Unbaggaged or enjoy the unique charms of smaller shops like The Luggage Lounge, you’re covered. Explore Edinburgh's wonders more freely, knowing your belongings are in safe hands.

Ready to Explore Edinburgh Without the Extra Weight?

Choose one of these local storage solutions, like the innovative Unbaggaged, and immerse yourself in all that Edinburgh has to offer, bag-free!


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