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Step into the world of Dragons' Den, where Janani Prabhakaran, the genius behind Unbaggaged, has been turning heads with her ground-breaking pitch. Her idea? To make travelling a breeze with Unbaggaged's innovative luggage storage solutions. While she didn't secure the investment on the spot, she left a lasting impression. Even Stephen Bartlett couldn't help but jot her name down, hinting at her future as a Dragon herself. Fancy a peek at the moment? Dragons Den Pitch.

The buzz around Unbaggaged is just getting started. With plans to launch in Manchester, Birmingham, and London, they're on the brink of redefining travel convenience. Imagine hopping from one city to another, luggage-free and carefree. That's the future Unbaggaged envisions. Curious about how it works? Our Services

And there's more on the horizon. A crowdfunding campaign is in the works, backed by solid venture capital belief in what Unbaggaged promises. Janani's vision? To become the 'Uber for luggage', transforming travel into a seamless experience. Ready to be part of this travel revolution? Invest in Us.

From its memorable stint on Dragons' Den to eyeing global expansion, Unbaggaged symbolises the power of innovation and resilience. It's not just a service; it's a movement towards smarter, hassle-free travel. Want to dive deeper into the Unbaggaged journey and see how they're making history? Explore more about Unbaggaged's story.


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