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timberbush own suitcase storage service for their customers with a timberbush tour bus
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Available in:

Completely safe and secure, with no hassle.

What is Unbaggaged?

Coming soon

Coming soon

luggage being returned and going home on flight

4. Luggage


We return your bags where and when you need them at a convenient location to you.

exploring the city without bags

3. Enjoy the City Luggage Free!

We'll keep your luggage safe and accessible at one of our secure storage points, so you can enjoy your travels without the burden of carrying heavy bags.

book on your phone for luggage storage

1. Book Your Luggage Pick Up Online.

Select the location and time of pick up while also let us know the location and time for returning your luggage in just a few clicks.

bags being picked up by taxi driver for storage

2. We Pick Up and Store Your Bags.

Wherever you are located, our secure and fast luggage pickup service will collect your bags at the time and place your stated for your convenience.

Why use Unbaggaged?

Punctuality Guaranteed

Drivers will always arrive within 10 minutes of scheduled pick up and return times or you will receive your money back.

Affordable Pricing

Unbaggaged provides affordable luggage storage with a flat rate of £12.50/per bag per day. Our drivers will come to you, collect the bags and return it to wherever you prefer. Simply use our booking system for an estimated quote.

£1,000 coverage

We guarantee every bag with up to £1000 against loss or damage.


Unbaggaged seals your luggage upon arrival at our secure storage locations and tracks it every step of the way, ensuring that your bags are safe and accounted for. Rest easy knowing that we've never lost a bag.


Free cancellations and amendments. Change your luggage return time and location until 45 minutes prior.

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